Ephesians 4:32 - "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you."

Building Strong Marriages

Be on the look out for a monthly newsletter from the Marriage Ministry providing you with marriage content in the form of "Read This", "Listen to This", "Watch This", "Text This",  "Ask This" and "Do This" from Married People. This isn’t your typical marriage thing. It is a man AND women friendly, mush-free email full of ideas and insights with go-and-do’s married people can actually do – and CONNECT!  You will laugh and be encouraged, we promise.

Classes & Offerings

Available Now

Connect all couples through laughter, affirmation, information, and application. Monthly newsletter, date night kits, weekend retreats
Provide help and hope for crisis marriage even with an unwilling spouse 1:1 mentoring (man with man, women with women) through 12 week workbook focused on where’s your focus, where’s your heart, where’s your hope.
Eternal Church offers marriage and family counseling with professional counselors This professional counseling does have fees associated with it. Some insurances are accepted, and Eternal offers financial assistance for counseling on a need basis

Coming Soon

Marriage discipleship for engaged and seriously dating couple Mentoring couple works through 8 lessons; relationship can continue after study
Community Group for couples married less than 3 years with optional mentoring couple Couples process meaning of marriage, communications, finance / budget, marital intimacy
For couples who want to change their marriage from ordinary into extraordinary 9 week course for couples to learn marriage dynamic based on “Love Bank” model from Willard Harley’s book His Needs, Her Needs
Target couples stuck in unhealthy marriages e.g., approaching or have separated / divorced | Weekend intensive retreat with lectures and interactive exercises

In The Future

Enrichment for all couples e.g., wanting to grow closer together, struggling to get along Through large and small group experience couples are discipled in how to apply gospel to marriage
For couples looking for remarital classes due to divorce or widowed to help them through the unique challenges of another marriage. Weekly course work and videos
For couples looking for marriage help in a blended family. Weekly courses and videos to help couples with these unique challenges in their marriage

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