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Watch the Video below to see what re|engage is all about.


Whether your marriage is good and you want it to be great, or you are at rock-bottom and wonder if there is hope, re|engage is a safe place to grow in your marriage. Each week, you will hear from couples whose marriages have been transformed, learn practical ways to grow in oneness with your spouse, and gain insight from others in a small group setting as you walk through the 14 lessons.


Re|engage brings couples together to learn about God’s design for marriage and biblical principles for building a healthy relationship.
Every week begins in a large group setting, where you will hear stories of hope from couples whose marriages have been transformed. Re|engage leaders will also share practical steps you can take to improve your own relationship.
After meeting as a large group, participants will break off into smaller groups, with each group led by a facilitator couple. Together, you and your small group will work through the 14-lesson curriculum and learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and grow closer to your spouse.


Re|engage is for one man, one woman couples who are married
(in other words, this is not for seriously dating, engaged, or cohabitating couples).
Previously married couples who are separated or divorced and are considering reconciliation are encouraged to attend as well.
Registration for the next re|engage will begin in January 2024 for classes to start on February 7, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register?
Registration for 25 couples will begin January 2024 for class to start February 7, 2024.
What does re|engage cost?
The cost for re|engage is $75 per couple which covers workbooks and other costs.  Scholarships are available if needed.
Can I come to re|engage without my spouse?
Yes. You will be encouraged by hearing stories from other couples that survived very difficult situations. However, note that small groups are reserved for couples in which both spouses are committed to the process.
Where did re|engage originate?
Re|engage is a ministry developed by Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas. The basic re|engage structure was created in 2008 out of Watermark’s desire to serve all marriages in the community well. As stories of improved marriages spread, other churches began inquiring about re|engage which led churches outside Watermark to offer re|engage starting in 2012. In 2022 a group of eleven couples at Eternal Church began a pilot which will lead to a full launch in October 2023.
Is childcare provided?
Yes, Eternal's Family Ministry offers fun, discipleship oriented childcare for your children.
What if my spouse has to miss some evenings?
Although we have a high expectation that each participant will be fully committed and participate, we recognize that schedules will sometime conflict. When this happens, our hope is that at least one spouse will be able to attend and share the experience with their absent spouse. Also, links will be available to the marriage stories and teachings in order to keep up.
What will be covered in the 14 lessons.
Re|engage runs for 17 weeks with 14 weeks of homework lessons.  The lessons cover the topics of: Love, Brokenness, Grace, Humility, Communication, Forgiveness, Making Amends, Reconciliation, Commitment, Expectations, Emotional Intimacy, Sexual Intimacy, Spiritual Intimacy, Invest Daily.  The first two weeks of re|engage are an open group format where homework is not required.  The 17th night will be a night of celebration.
What does a typical lesson look like?
Sample Lesson - click here

"We had good quality time with each other. It’s been hard to have that with kids, you know,
when you’re so busy and have little time alone…"

- Kim

"Yes, we really had good
conversations because of the book’s questions. We are used to having operational
conversations, but the questions helped us have meaningful ones."

- Jason 

"I really thought the videos were great. The speakers’ stories showed how our problems
aren’t unique. They shared the tough times they had gone through and their hope. Lots of
times you don’t get that."

- Dale 

"It was good to learn the importance of staying in your own circle. That concept is a
really good tool."

- Kristen 

"Tammy and I have gone to other marriage encounters but this one is different because it
really is based on God and scripture."

- Jeff 

"Yes, marriage itself is ministry. We need to equip the saints for their ministry."


"There is a community aspect…we’re not alone. We get to know each other better
than just surface or Sunday-morning conversations."

- Cori

"We started pretty much the first week. Our facilitator couple shared, and established that
we could be transparent and that anything that was said had to stay confidential in our group.
It still wasn’t easy to be open, but it was safe."

- Bill