New Series Beginning September 20, 2020

September  - November 2020

Just Jesus | A Study of Colossians

The letter to the Colossians was written to a young church learning how to follow Jesus in a pluralistic society. Christians were facing pressure from both outside and inside the church to conform their beliefs to those of their neighbors and make Christianity more culturally palatable. The exact nature of the controversy in Colossae is never explicitly described, but it can be inferred from analysis of Paul’s refutation that it was religious syncretism – the attempted fusion of different (often contradictory) religious beliefs in order to meld better with one's culture. False teachers were trying to chip away at the deity and authority of Christ, convincing the church at Colossae that Christ wasn’t sufficient to conquer the evil corruption of the world. Christ wasn't sufficient for the complex and various issues involved in everyday living. So while Paul was under house arrest awaiting trial in Rome, he wrote the book of Colossians, giving us the single most concentrated teaching on the all-encompassing theology of “Christ.”
Jesus is the answer for everything. He is supreme. He is sufficient.
He is the one who has saved us from sin and changed us into new, living creatures. We have a new life because of Him.
Paul wrote this book to make sure the church had a clear view of who Jesus is because that would lead to an overflow of heartfelt obedience to Christ, which would influence their region and ultimately the world for His glory. They didn't need to add or take away anything from the Gospel. They had all they needed for life and eternity. Just Jesus.

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