2023 Sermon Series | The Gospel of Mark (continued)

We will be studying the last 3 chapters of Mark (14-16) during the first part of 2023.

From the beginning of Mark’s gospel, Jesus is immediately presented as the world-changing King, Servant, Rabbi and the Messiah. The entire first half of the gospel focuses on the slowly growing revelation, through miracles and parables, of the person of Jesus, until He finally asks Peter, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter rightly confesses that Jesus is the Christ, but then quickly his good confession turns into rank confusion as he demands that Jesus avoid the cross. Like Peter, we may get our confession of Jesus’ identity right but remain confused about His work. Even more so, we may remain confused about what it truly means to have our own lives transformed in revelation of Jesus as Lord.  The second half of Mark’s gospel clarifies that Jesus, as the Son of Man, came to seek and save the lost through his death as a suffering servant. Finally, the gospel narrative closes with another emotional confession as the centurion stands before the cross saying, “Surely this man is the Son of God.”  From the insider's proclamation from John the Baptist in chapter 1, to the disciples confession in chapter 8, to the outsider's revelation from a Roman Centurion in chapter 15, all of life seems to hinge upon the acknowledgement of the identity of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. Our hope at Eternal Church is that God will use this gospel to bring conviction to our confession and clarity to our confusion, so that we might more faithfully align our hearts with the Kingdom at hand, and with the King who made a way to bring us home.