Current Sermon Series | 1/2/3 John & Jude

March - October 2023 

Over the next several months our teaching will come from the Books of 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Jude. These often overlooked little books are full of insight for living honestly as Christians in a fallen world.
I have been asked by some wonderful and authentic Christians, "but how do I really know if I am saved?"
I-3 John and Jude seek to answer that question.
John wants us to know that we must reflect the light of Christ through the manner in which we love others. "The one whom Jesus loved" is adamant that this quality, along with staying true to our beliefs, were the key indicators of lives transformed by the Gospel.
Jude, then, comes on strongly...emphasizing the necessity to refute false teachers, and to be grounded in the Truth at all costs. He says that this quality in believers will keep them safe from harm.

Both authors make the point that being Sheltered by Truth and Known by Love are the two main ways we can know if we are true believers in Christ.

This sermon series will run from March to October.