Healthy Marriages Start Long Before The Wedding.


Merge is a premarital discipleship ministry designed for engaged and seriously dating couples. It's a chance to seek wisdom and receive mentoring about marriage in a safe, fun, and authentic environment. Merge addresses common questions and challenges from a biblical perspective.

What To Expect

Each week a couple will listen to one of the eight on-line lessons.  They will answer workbook questions individually and then talk through their answers as a couple.  Later in the week they will meet together with their mentor couple to work through the learnings together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind the name Merge?
Merge helps couples explore what marriage really means in a safe and informative environment.  Often for the first time, couples get to see the practicalities of merging together two very different lives.  Two sets of expectations, now merging together.  Two bank accounts, now merging together.  Two pairs of in laws, now merging together.  The name Merge came about because that is what marriage is:  the joining together of what was previously separated.

What does a typical session look like?
An engaged or seriously dating couple is led through an 8-lesson curriculum by a mentor couple who love Jesus, love each other, have a passion for marriage, are willing to be authentic and have frank conversations. Each week couples will do their homework by first listening to an on-line teaching.  Participants will work through the workbook questions individually and then discuss their answers with each other. Participant couples will then meet with the mentor couple to discuss the homework.

What will be covered in the 8 lessons.
The lessons cover the topics of: A Biblical View of Marriage, Communication & Conflict, Biblical Roles in Marriage, Strengthening Your Relationship, Finances, Expectations & Family/In-Laws, Sexual Intimacy, Understanding your Spouse

What does Merge cost?
The cost for Merge is $40 per couple.  Scholarships are available if needed.

Where did Merge originate?
Merge is a ministry developed by Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas. Watermark began offering marriage preparation for couples in 2000.  The name of the ministry officially  became “Merge” in 2010. In 2023 Eternal Church began offering Merge to engaged couples.

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