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On January 17 we began our journey through the book of Genesis, the Book of Beginnings, that will take us through much of 2021.

This book is one of the oldest in our Bible and is the planting ground for everything else that grows later in the Bible. The seedlings of every major doctrine is found in this first book of Scripture: the origin of the universe, the earth, man and woman, sin, death, redemption, divine institutions, nations, civilizations, and the highest theological suppositions about God...what He is like, what He knows, why He acts, and how He relates with His creation.
One of the worst mistakes we can make entering into this Book, maybe the greatest in all of the Bible, is to think that we are going back to ancient history to read about things that no longer concern us; that the stories are outdated and unconnected from our scientific and humanistic world.
This is not true. These are our people. This is our story.
We can't truly understand the 60 or 70 years of the New Testament author's words until we understand the 1,500 years of writing and compiling of Truth that preceded a Virgin Birth, and that the New Testament was fulfilling, and interpreting.

Get a big notebook or journal for this sermon series, and study and write with me.
Let's walk through this book together, and ask the right questions of it.
We may not get all of our answers, but we will get way more than we could have imagined.

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