Meet the Members

Everyone has a story.
Get to know the members of Eternal Church.
Stories written by Paul Veerman.  Want to tell your story? Reach out to Paul.

Rick & Linda Allen

The Allen Family
 From a self-destructive atheist to a pastor is too much to write in this short article, but Rick’s journey is a process of grace and redemption that spans his lifetime.  Rick and Linda have been married for 41 years and so our focus will be their lives together that includes four children and two grands.

Scott & Mika Broome

The Broome Family
Scott and Mika Broome were high school sweethearts, Scott growing up in Wingate, NC and Mika in nearby Marshville.  They met in World History class at Forest Hills High School and stayed connected even through college and graduate school. After high school Scott attended Wingate University graduating in 2000 and then, continued his education at UNC-Chapel Hill receiving a master’s degree in hospital administration graduating in 2002. Mika fast tracked her nursing career, graduating from the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing in 2001. They were married in 2002 and Scott began his long hospital management career by completing a fellowship in healthcare management with Charlotte-based Atrium Health. Mika became an operating room nurse and later migrated into Obstetrics.  Continued... 

Garrett & Lauren Copeland

The Copeland Family
Mr. Foster’s 9th grade Geometry class would be a most unlikely place for two young high school students to meet and eventually fall in love, but that is exactly what happened for Garrett and Lauren. However, it wasn’t until after college that they married. What happened in between?

Josh & April Eckstein

The Eckstein Family
 Married for 3 years, April and Josh met in 2018 at Oakland Church in Rochester, MI.  They had their first date on February 28th and were married the next summer on June 1, 2019.  By 2021 they had given birth to their first child, Jedidiah (Jed), had moved to the Charlotte area, started attending Eternal, baptized Jed in the worship service and become active members of the church.   That’s a whirlwind of change in a short period of time, but they are settled and hope to stay in the Charlotte area for a long time.  How did they get to this place?  Their journeys began respectively in Louisiana and Illinois as young children.  Continued...

Troy & Kristy Fleming

The Fleming Family
 Troy and Kristy were married on November 3, 2018, bringing together Troy’s daughter, Aidan, from his first marriage and Brooke and Rachel from Kristy’s…all three now in high school.  Bringing two families together can be challenging, but Troy and Kristy committed afresh their vows to each other and to God to make it work for not only them but for their three daughters.  Continued...

Tom & Ann Harvey

The Harvey Family
How does the Lord connect two very different people from different walks of life to marry and become long term missionaries with Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC)?  Here is their story.

Bob & Amy Hay

The Hay Family
Bob and Amy Hay have attended Eternal church since 2013, but their story of faith goes back to their roots in their homes as children, Amy in Cincinnati, OH and Bob in Cedar Grove, NJ. Bob came to faith at age five and while in high school felt God leading Him to serve in full-time ministry.

Joe & Joy Jenkins

The Jenkins Family
In the summer months you will often find Joy and Joe working in their large vegetable garden and Ziva, their mixed Spaniel and Black Labrador, bounding through the garden looking for rabbits.  As you read, you will become aware that faith, family, and health are very important to the Jenkins.

Jared & Macey Kurtz

The Kurtz Family
In 2019, Jared and Macey met through an on-line dating service called Hinge.  Three years later, on July 9th, 2022, they were married.  Like most young married couples, they are merging their similarities and differences into one life together.

Mike & Sarah Martin

The Martin Family
Mike and Sarah first met in the fall of 2008 at a church volunteer mee9ng being led by Sarah who was on staff. Little did they know, they were both slated for the same short-term mission trip to Senegal Africa in the Spring of 2009. Their love for missions and one another grew. Upon return from the mission trip to Senegal, Mike proposed to Sarah at Anne Springs Close Greenway.

Steve & Jennie Medlin

The Medlin Family
Steve and Jenny grew up hundreds of miles apart in different states with different careers, but their paths crossed in 1988 at a large singles group at the First Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. It started with a smile which led to long conversations that allowed their friendship to blossom.  They were married a year later in 1989, but let’s travel back in time and see how their spiritual journeys brought them to connect at that singles group.  

Joe & Patti Mitchell

The Mitchell Family
Joe and Patti’s early days as teenagers were not easy.  Joe’s mother died of cancer when he was fifteen and his stepfather kicked him out of the house. From January 1975 through August 1976 Joe stayed with a friend’s family until he graduated from Derby high school in CT.  Patti’s early years were not easy either.  With a history of addiction in her family she struggled with sobriety and graduated from Shelton high school, just on the other side of the Housatonic River from Derby. They both went to work immediately and met at Tie Communications in Shelton. They were married several years later on May 5th, 1984.  Continued...

Shawn & Tonya Robinson

The Robinson Family
 Shawn grew up in Augusta, GA and Tonya in Pensacola, FL, but it wasn’t until after their military service that they met. Shawn spent
eight years in the Army as a military satellite communications specialist having been stationed in Fort Bragg, Fort Gordon and in Korea. Tonya spent 10 years in the Air Force as an Aerospace Medicine Technician and EMT.  Continued...

Guy & Cori Rockey

The Rockey Family
 Guy grew up in northwest Nebraska in a small town of 1,200 (including dogs and cats). Cori was born in Del Rio, TX just a couple of miles from the
US/Mexican border. So how did they meet? Like many young high school grads, they met during their freshman year at Ambassador College, a
college in Pasadena associated with the Worldwide Church of God, which has since closed their doors. Continued...

Steven & Jamie Rungaitis

The Rungaitis Family
Both Steven and Jamie were born in Texas, Steven in The Colony (Dallas suburb) and Jamie in San Antonio.  At eight years old Jamie’s family moved to Loveland, CO, where she grew up through her high school years.  Steven stayed in Texas and graduated from high school.  So how did they meet?  They met at the Prince of Peace Lutheran church in Carrollton, TX in 2003, but were just friends and thus went their separate ways.  

Jonathan & Micheal Sickert

The Sickert Family
Eternal is grateful for Jonathan’s leadership.  Through times of growth or transition, he has been loyal to the church.  In fact, if you sit near Jonathan in worship, you will hear him singing with gusto.  Their enthusiasm for life is infectious and when you get to know them, you will understand more fully their passion and love for Jesus.  Read their full story to hear about their journey thus far.

Ben & Diane Smith

The Smith Family
Ben and Diane moved to Baxter Village about 13 years ago and searched many weeks to find a church that had solid biblical teaching, great music and members who are genuine and authentic. Eternal Church is where they landed and even though they now live in Audubon Lakes Estate in Indian land, they continue to be active in church.

Dale & Lori Swanson

The Swanson Family
How does someone accumulate three million frequent flyer miles?  By flying all over the world and visiting manufacturing facilities in 57 countries! This was Dale Swanson’s life with Parker Hannifin for 36 years until his early retirement in January of 2022.
After graduating from a Christian high school in Denver, CO Dale attended a Bible college in Greenville, SC where he met his future wife, Lori.  They both transferred after a year and Dale went on to pursue his degree in Business Information Systems at the University of Southern Maine and eventually completed online at University of Phoenix.  Later, when living in the Cleveland area, he completed a Masters in Business - Operational Excellence from the Fisher School of Business - The Ohio State University.   Continued... 

Chris & Cindy Terhune

The Terhune Family
When you walk into Chris and Cindy Terhune’s home you will find Cindy’s work-at-home office on the right and Chris’s office on the left.   Covid has made it possible for these two talented (former) software engineers to commute to work by walking to their respective rooms with a cup of coffee in their hands.  But go back with me to when it all began.

Darrell & Beth Thomas

The Thomas Family
 Both Darrell and Beth Thomas grew up on farms, Darrell in the Lynchburg area of TN and Beth in Franklin, KY. As children of farming families, they were both busy on the farm and active in the 4 H club.  But it wasn’t until college that they met.  They attended Belmont College in Nashville and met after a chapel service during their freshman year.  Four years later, Darrell and Beth were married.  Continued...

Jason & Kim Vinson

The Vinson Family
Jason and Kim Vinson have been members at Eternal for 6 years and currently live in Tega Cay. Jason grew up in Rock Hill and attended Clemson graduating in 2000 with a degree in Computer Science. Kim grew up in Columbia, SC and graduated from the University of South Carolina in music education and later received her masters at the University of Georgia. 

Bill & Alice White

The White Family
If you ever have a chance to visit with Bill and Alice White, you will find them on their 10-acre property amidst a diverse number of animals including two labs (Dougie & Maggie), six stray cats in their barn who found a home during Covid, twenty chickens and four house cats; two strays that were promoted to in house living and two from the Humane Society.