Marriage 911

Providing help and hope for crisis marriages.


A Marriage Mentoring program.  Providing help and hope for crisis marriages - even with an unwilling spouse, by coming alongside the person who is trying to save their marriage with resources that help keep the willing spouse on the road to reconciliation.


Marriage 911 is focused on marriages in trouble, where pain is escalating, and one partner wants to work on a major source of the problem - themselves.  Participants put together a 12-week plan with a mentor / accountability partner with Marriage 911 First Response workbook as a resource .  While it will likely take longer than 12 weeks for the marriage crisis to be over, Marriage 911 can be a positive step forward.  Participants ask a person of the same gender to act as their mentor and hold them accountable for the next 12 weeks.   Participants do their homework using the Marriage 911:First Response workbook.  They then meet with their sponsor to discuss the material together.  If the participant would like, Eternal Marriage Ministry will match them with a mentor partner.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Marriage 911 workbook?
Marriage 911: First Response: Workbook by Joe Williams and Michelle Williams can be purchased at any major bookseller for about $22.  The Support Partner Handbook can be purchased as well for about $7.

What is covered in the Marriage 911 workbook?
The 12 lessons are group into three major sections
  • Where’s your focus – 1. Unmet needs: Do you expect your spouse to meet all your needs? 2. Selfish Behavior:  Are you playing God by trying to meet all your spouse’s needs? 3. Caring for Self:  Are you exhausted and feeling hopeless? 4. Valuing Differences: Do you want the freedom to be who you are?
  • Where’s your heart – 5. Secret Motives:  Do you really want to reconcile?  6. Secret Anger:  Understanding your anger …revolutionize your marriage! 7. Secret Lies:  Honesty is at the core of true intimacy. 8. Secret Fears:  What keeps you from being real with your mate?
  • Where’s your hope – 9. Know how to recognize hope:  Bad habits are hard to break. 10. Know what to avoid: God’s timing is not always ours. 11. Know who is on your team:  Turn opposition into optimism. 12. Know when to “go forth”:  Whatever the outcome, use it for good.

What does a typical support partner meeting look like?
Typically, the participant and support partner meet weekly in a safe environment conducive to conversation.  Participants will have prepared for the meeting by reading the assignment, doing the activities, and reflecting on the 8 to 10 discussion questions.  The participant and the support partner will spend time praying together and review the participant’s reflections on the questions. Meetings last an hour to and hour 15 minutes.

What should I look for in a support partner?
Your mentor / accountability should have a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ, attend church regularly, and commit to pray for your marriage.  Your support partner should have a marriage example worth following.  They should be willing to explore the hard issues affecting your relationship with your spouse, starting with your relationship with God.  A marriage crisis is more about you and God than it is about you and your spouse.

What if I don’t know anyone who could be a support partner?
Eternal Marriage Ministry has a number of mentors, both male and female, who are willing to work with you.

How do I connect with a support partner?
If there is someone in your life who can be a mentor / accountability partner reach out to them directly and begin the conversation to see their willingness to help.  After the initial contact Eternal Marriage Ministry would be happy to sit down with you both to help get you started and will be available for support along the way.

If no one is available and you would like to work on your marriage then reach out <HERE> and Eternal Marriage Ministry will connect you with a mentor / accountability partner.

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