We want to engage students in a faith community, equip them through discipleship,
and empower them to live out God’s mission in their own lives every day.

Who am I? This is the question middle schoolers are constantly asking themselves as they walk through these formative years. And as differences in peers become ever so evident, middle schoolers will begin to form their own identities based on their relational structures. That’s why we think COMMUNITY is such a big deal for students! By engaging in a faith community, middle schoolers can develop a solid foundation of friends that can encourage them along their path in discovering the person who God is making them to be.

WHERE? WHY? HOW? WHAT? These are some of the big questions high schoolers will begin to ask as they enter into their final years at home. Where do I belong? Why should I believe? How can I matter? What will I do? These are the philosophical questions high schoolers need to answer as they approach their next phase, adulthood-ish. And we think the best way to help high schoolers resolve these questions is by EQUIPPING them through discipleship and EMPOWERING them to live their mission – today!








High School WEDNESDAYS 7:30PM – 8:45PM







You’ve heard the statistics, the stories, the growing number of college students that are walking away from their faith. And while the numbers are high and the danger is real, what research is showing more and more is that the next generation is not turning away from church because of worship styles, irrelevant teaching, or hypocrisy, but mostly – silence

Through silence, the next generation has learned that some questions are too big or too taboo for God to answer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! God is not afraid of our doubts, or wanderings, or our lack of understanding! In fact, on his very first day resurrected from the dead, Jesus walked with two disciples for seven miles helping them understand more about him! 

If we want to see the next generation stop walking away from the church, we have to stop walking away from their questions and instead learn how to walk with them just like Jesus did. Because let’s be honest, we all have questions that many of us don’t have the answers to. So let’s be courageous enough to say YES when a student says: “Can I ask that?”


Weekly Worship at the YMCA:

857 Promenade Walk | Fort Mill | SC 29708

Eternal Church Office:

1787 Pleasant Road | Fort Mill | SC 29708