The membership process is designed to usher people into a committed and healthy relationship with the church body.  Our goal is to inform, disciple, and encourage folks along the way rather than simply creating hoops to be jumped through.  We do, however, feel that this takes time and intentionality, so we have developed the following membership process:
Step 1

Attend the Membership Class.  This is an informal class led by our elders that educate new members on the structure, design, and beliefs of Eternal Church as well as describes in detail what it means to become a member.  Prospective members will be asked to fill out a membership profile packet for their family (hard copy or via website) in preparation for the class.  We offer the Membership Class twice a year (in the fall and spring).


Step 2

Visit with an elder.  This will happen at some point during or after the Membership Class.  This step is designed to be personal and encouraging, and it allows our leadership to really get to know our members better and vice-versa.


Step 3

Take membership vows.  Upon the completion of the Membership Class and the elder visit, individuals who are ready to move forward with membership will be recognized on a Sunday during worship.  They will be led through the membership vows and received by the congregation.


Weekly Worship at the YMCA:

857 Promenade Walk | Fort Mill | SC 29708

Eternal Church Office:

1787 Pleasant Road | Fort Mill | SC 29708