An exciting update was given to the church congregation on Sunday, June 24th, in the form of a series of questions and answers from the pastor to the Step of Faith team.

Q#1 In our last update, the SOF team mentioned that certain due diligence items were required before a final vote to acquire the potential property should be considered. Can you provide an update on those items, including which items have been completed and which items still remain?

A#1 “This is one of our own Eternal youth, Emma Salerno, at her spring track meet.

While our team agrees we could never clear hurdles like Emma, we’ve cleared major hurdles with this property and the LORD continues opening doors and hasn’t closed any to date. Much has been accomplished, but we still have a busy couple of months ahead of us. If the LORD confirms through these remaining due diligence items, then ideally the Elders will bring this property before church members for a vote in early September.”

Q#2 What should folks do if they want to learn more?

A#2 Here is a list that was given to the congregation:

  1. Visit the step of faith table each week at the back of the worship area.
  2. E-mail to ask questions or get involved.
  3. Feel free to call the church office or grab one of us (Glen, Toby, Wendy, Paul or Shannon).
  4. Consider inviting members from the Step of Faith team to community group discussions for additional Q&A.

Q#3  How are we doing money wise?

A3#  Toby responded to this question based on Lizzy’s most recent update.

Q#4  What other ways are there to get involved?

A#4  Shannon responded with the following:

  1. Step of Faith Prayer Team – see Chris Noll, stop by the table at the back of the worship area, or e-mail
  2. Dream Team – in the next several weeks we will provide more information about how you can join a Dream Team.  These will be small teams comprised of folks who want to contribute to the creative process of dreaming about how our new facility can help us magnify God’s glory as good stewards of such resources.  These focus groups will brainstorm everything from interior space needs, including offices, meeting rooms and the sanctuary requirements to hospitality amenities and everything in between from interior to exterior design and other architectural and landscaping considerations.