Our summer sermon series has begun: Inconceivable: A King Reveals His Kingdom.
People have asked me before how best to prepare for a series of teachings.
This would be my advice:
1) Read all of Matthew 5-7, The Sermon on the Mount. Do this over a few times just to begin to let it sit in your heart and percolate. Don’t try to analyze too much. Just ask God to have it speak to your heart. Pray for me and the preaching team!
2) Get a new spiral notebook and be ready to take notes on each sermon. Leave room between sermons for your own thinking and devotional thoughts, and how God was speaking to you in each teaching. If you want to be included on the email list for receiving the sermon slides and group questions, just email jacob@eternalchurch.net and we can get them to you every week before the sermon! This will save you time from trying to copy sermon slides in your notebook.
3) Begin to pray for your heart and the congregation. Why is God moving this teaching among us in this season? What are we to do corporately with these teachings from Jesus? God often chooses to move through a people “bottom-up” and not “top-down.” Your ideas, gifting and passions are not only desired, they are needed in the Body!
Hope to see you Sunday!
Pastor Don